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nForm Solutions releases nForm Silent, an API for seamless software integration

nForm Silent now allows software to integrate the nForm process and contents so that users never have to leave their platform.

nForm Solutions, which develops innovative solutions that help connect businesses with other businesses and governmental agencies, announced today that it has launched nForm Silent. nForm Silent is a new API that allows other software to seamlessly integrate nForm’s capabilities while letting nForm Solutions keep the library of forms updated.

Intuitive and featuring a drag-and-drop user interface, nForm helps companies substantially reduce the need for paper-based forms. Paper forms not only increase the risk of mistakes and refusal of acceptance on the part of governing bodies, they also heighten the level of liability in the event of environmental release, workplace accidents, or other occupational hazards. Our demonstration video, which features our Excel connector, exhibits our great user experience and business value.

nForm remembers the field associations originally used to feed an initial form, which means that the electronic form will be automatically filled the next time it is requested. nForm Silent leverages the existing field associations to produce forms without any user intervention on the nForm platform.

“We know that software editors, as well as their users, prefer to stay as much as possible on a single platform and avoid disrupting the data flow,” explained Joel Seguin, nForm Solutions CEO. “With nForm Silent, we can focus on our core functionality, which is to provide up-to-date form contents and the technology to inject data in those.”

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