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nForm Solutions launches brand-new solution to facilitate and accelerate form creation and processing for the health and safety sector

nForm drastically reduces the need for paper-based forms and ensures that businesses minimize errors and comply to governmental regulatory stands.

nForm Solutions, a Canadian-based company that develops innovative solutions that help to connect businesses with governmental departments and agencies, announced today that is has launched nForm, an innovative, market-first solution that allows businesses with environmental health and safety issues, curate critical data from their internal enterprise systems, and automatically populate official forms required by government bodies and other institutions around the world.

Intuitive and featuring a drag-and-drop user interface, nForm helps companies to substantially reduce the need for paper-based forms, which not only increases the risk of mistakes and refusal on the part of governing bodies but also the level of liability in case of environmental release, work accidents or other occupational hazards.

Because users can directly import information that is available within their current systems into forms that are mandatory for environmental health and safety incidents in the workplace, users gain peace of mind knowing that they will comply with regulatory standards thanks to the most updated and accurate information, minimize costly human errors, standardize their incident reporting workflows, improve efficiency and accelerate processing times.

What’s more: nForm remembers the field associations originally used to feed an initial form; this means that the electronic form will be automatically filled the next time around. nForm needs no dedicated IT resources or complicated setup, configuration and support. Because it is a SaaS solution, businesses can start benefiting from the nForm immediately thanks to its easy onboarding and minimal training. Companies can also control costs thanks to nForm’s affordable and flexible pricing plan.

nForm has been specifically designed for reporting environmental health and safety incidents within a wide range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, construction, transportation, automotive and manufacturing industry.

“At a time when millions of workers get injured or suffer from health issues each year, the sheer quantity of information to create, process, maintain and send to the right governing bodies is
overwhelming,” explained, Joël Séguin, CEO at nForm Solutions. “The vast majority of information that is required for forms is already readily available in a company’s existing systems. nForm allows a business to finally tap into that wealth of information without the hassles of manual input, IT or paper.”

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